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2 main reasons that dry food is not good for dogs

As a veterinarian and animal guardians I have concluded that dry food is dog food for sensitive stomachs not suitable for pets such as dogs and cats eating meat. I always try to oppose the dog food, but for many people, this is not simple. They said that dry food is very convenient and the price is reasonable, and that is extremely persuasive argument.
So the following article will show 2 why should not pet eat dog food for sensitive stomachs, hoping that will help dog owners, pet your cat want a good and healthy development.

     Composition / Ingredients:

Some types of processing dog food for sensitive stomachs can have a better quality or inferior to others. For example, chicken powder pretty clean by processing plants often collaborate with chicken slaughterhouse. On the other hand, meat and bone meal is the waste product from the raw material, including:

In some dry foods sold in grocery stores, discount stores and big distributors such as pet food processed meat offers little profit, so manufacturers often replace them with all kinds of processed products or vegetable protein such as cereal gluten, soy flour, vegetable protein specific forms to achieve the protein allows.

The other ingredients in dog food for sensitive stomachs the powder consisting of carbohydrates, starch (cereals and vegetables in both starchy), a mixture of vitamins and minerals, water. In the diet of adult dogs and cats do not need carbohydrates, starch and the capital has enough calories needed. And because not needed, so when animal carbohydrates absorbed into the body, most of the calories will turn into fat. And then the vet will have to wonder why "pet obesity accident" happened.

A survey of dog food for sensitive stomachs on popular sites showed large differences between price and product quality. Often the dog food for sensitive stomachs sold in grocery costs $ 2 / pound, while organic food and no grain to sell more than $ 3 / pound. The most expensive type of food is not organic, natural or not particles, which is the type most widely advertised. A research organization in the diet for cats warned of price $ 3.96 / pound of dry food, while the composition contains almost no meat (which is essentially animal dog food for sensitive stomachs, rice, maize). As for Hill's Diets, recipes z / d hypoallergenic sold for $ 6 / pound.

2       Processing

To make dry food, it is rich in protein powder mixed together to make things sticky dough, which is then put into the machine to flatten, cut the dough into small blocks and shaped with air pressure and extremely high . After being taken out, we will go to the treadmill by a sharp knife to cut off pieces, allow to cool, make up the familiar shape of each individual brand.

Enzymes are proteins that specifically supports thousands of chemical reactions in the body, is characterized by unstable and susceptible to decomposition by a relatively low temperature, so the enzyme in everyday foods decompose in the process dog food for sensitive stomachs. The result is forced pancreas produces enzymes to replace those lost. Eventually, the pancreas can be overloaded and swell, leading to pancreatitis, danger to life.

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If your pet dog began to enter into the development period to the big guy, and daily food intake is not enough for a week. You wonder if it’s time did not know the dog food for sensitive stomachs, and certainly not with this decision. Some general guidelines below will help you decide exactly.

 1. Differences in dog food for sensitive stomachs 

The dog food for sensitive stomachs high in calories and nutrients to support the bones, muscles, joints and organs develop. Adult dog food contains fewer calories and more nutrients, such as calcium. An adult dog should not eat food for puppies, because it can cause obesity and development issues. If the adult dogs eat dog food, it can not eat because they contain too many nutrients.

 2. Changing dog food for sensitive stomachs

PetMD recommended food for puppies dedicated to it until it is a year old. Then you should start feeding it adult dog food. Food should not change within a day. Be replaced gradually with food for adult dogs in a week. Start with a small amount of food and increase in the next days. If the puppy has diarrhea or abdominal pain, then reduce the amount of food change. Contact your veterinarian if you are concerned about this issue or the occurrence of other side effects.

 3. Dog eat some breakfast? 

Normally, you should eat three meals for puppies per day until it is six months old. Then reduced to two for breakfast and dinner. From there, you just have to pet two meals per day. These instructions may vary if your veterinarian concerned about the development and growth of the pet weight. Keep a schedule for meals in moderation.

 4. Special dog food for sensitive stomachs for dogs

Look for dog food for sensitive stomachs made especially for your dog. Foods for puppies will have nutrients are synthesized in small pieces, making it easy to swallow more puppies. Similarly, adult dog food with larger sizes, containing the appropriate nutrients to demand the gradual development of the joints and bones. These ingredients such as when used in dog food for sensitive stomachs processing would risk a very high contamination with other types of hazardous materials. Some of dog food for sensitive stomachs will be destroyed during processing while others are not. Bacteria and bacterial toxins: the slaughtered animals as well as animals that are killed by disease, injury or accidental causes, they will act as a source of meat raw materials, waste products from the action plants, meat processing redundancy for dry pet food. Products made from animal meat is often found in dry pet foods include ground meat from chicken, poultry products, and meat and bone meal. Dead animals on farms can not be shipped immediately to meat processing plants for several days after death. The corpse may be heavily contaminated with bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli comes from the digestive organs decaying, rotten center. E. coli bacteria are dangerous can be infected is estimated over 50% of meals containing meat.

 5. The amount of dog food 

 Better yet, please pay attention to the back of the packaging bags of food for food is essential that manufacturers recommend. You can adjust the amount of food depending on your dog’s activity more or less, so that it is providing necessary calories. Consult your veterinarian if you have any questions about the specific needs of the puppy.